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About Our Company

Faust Haus Roasting Co. is an African American owned, Detroit based coffee company.  We are dedicated to deliver robust flavors, responsible growth, and relief to those in need. Our specialty spiced coffees help to support the farmers and people of the countries our beans originate from, as well as charities that bring relief to the diaspora around the world.


Faust Haus is triple bottom line (TBL) business. We use an accounting framework that incorporates three dimensions of performance : Social, Environmental, and Financial. These three facets can be summarized as people, planet, profit.


When we talk about our focus on the people, we mean the people that work with us from our employees, our farmers, and the communities where our products are created. Our founder Derek English, has always had a deep commitment to providing aid to those in need. His early years of service were based here in Detroit, serving the homeless and others at local shelters and through various faith based organizations. This lead to international service around the world. From teaching, to construction Derek has served in Mexico, Bahamas, Haiti, Jamaica, Kenya, and Ethiopia. It was during these travels, that a love for the various cultures and communities began to shape his world view. 

My travels around the world helped to shape an appreciation for the colors, flavors and textures of the cultures of the diaspora, and the continent. When I found out that 

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